Offers Photo Studio On Rent

D Focus Photography offers photography studio on rent in Ahmedabad to the clients with the perfect setup for the professional shoot from 10 am till 6 pm. With such a distinct setting, the studio is ideal for the individuals who crave for an intriguing area with dimensions of setup 1 is 31ft (length) X 18ft (width) X 10.5ft (height) and another setup with dimensions of 18ft (length) X 14ft (width) X 13ft (height) that gives boundless acceptable outcomes to photographers of all expertise levels. Our photography studio rental is purposefully super-moderate and not due to an absence of value - we simply have an alternate business plan.

We at D Focus Photography will like to offer our photography studio on rent in Ahmedabad for our client’s audition and photo shoot requirements with great parking space. A photo studio offers you certain facilities that you just cannot get outdoors that include makeup space, changing room, body and hair fan, couch, bar stools, traditional chair, traditional sitting, acrylic sheets, radio trigger and much more. Since not everyone can afford to own a studio outright, it makes all the more sense to simply rent one when you need it.

Photo Studio On Rent

If you are searching for an expert and controlled photography space that brings out happiness and intensity in your subject then take a look at our pricing, gallery and reviews that D Focus Photography brings to you. We provide you with our great photography studio on rent in Ahmedabad as it gives you shelter from all those environmental variables and have complete control.

The main advantage of shooting in a studio is also the ability to control and shape the quality of light. So if you are in search for a well-equipped shooting space, studio sets designed for various types of shoots and a fine selection of posing aide than you can contact D Focus Photography as we have it all in our photography studio that we also provide on rent in Ahmedabad.

Part of the appeal in using a studio is to understand how to effectively use key elements to add texture, color, and composition to your images in a way that expresses whatever mood and idea you are after. You can completely fake an outdoor image by staging it in a clever way and shooting it in our studio with great backgrounds with black, white, red (infinity), and other 9 creative backgrounds. D Focus Photography studio that is on rent in Ahmedabad is located in middle of a peaceful zone near to market place with all amenities. D Focus Photography offers a place for all the photography enthusiasts with the surrounding areas to achieve their innovative goals by offering a photography studio on rent in Ahmedabad where the ideas can meet the projects of the professional picture clickers.

Rates: Weekdays (Monday-Friday) INR 6000 for 8 hours / INR 3000 for 4 hours / INR 1000 per extra hour. Weekends (Saturday-Sunday) INR 7000 for 8 hours / INR 3500 for 4 hours / INR 1000 per extra hour.
  • 2 X Elinchrom D-Lite RX4
  • 2 X Simpex
  • 2 X Simpex Modeling Lamp with 3 bulb (3 step)
Light Modifiers:
  • 1 Elinchrom Rotolux 100 cm Deep Octa Soft Box
  • 2 Elinchrom Rotolux 50 X 130 cm Strip Box
  • 2 Elinchrom Soft Box (24” X 24”)
  • 1 Elinchrom Beauty Dish with Grid (70cm” Diameter)
  • 1 Reflector and Holder
  • 1 Snoot
  • 1 Background Reflector
  • Light Stands: 6
  • Boom Stand: 1
  • Tent: Large tent specifically suited for large products with shiny surfaces to reduce reflection.
  • Accessories: Extension Boards, Gel Paper, Black and White Cubes, 5ft Ladder
  • Power: 3 Extension Boards
  • Music: 5.1 speaker audio system with iPod, iPhone, USB and Auxiliary Input Support
  • Internet: WiFi Complementary
  • Pantry: Water Dispenser (Hot and Cold), Refrigerator
  • Air-conditioning: Fully air conditioned studio


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